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If you are a local business from Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater, adding our employee screening as a component of your overall security protocol can benefit your next hiring process!

Take care when choosing the employees that work for you and contact us at for more information or to schedule your employee screening today! Call Us Now! Employee screenings for local businesses in Tampa, St.

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Pete, and Clearwater, FL. Make an informed decision on your new hire by using a combination of background checks, criminal checks, and credit history information that our employee screening can provide to you. When it comes to pre-employment screenings of job applicants, two vital pieces of information that you will obtain include: Access to any criminal records that the applicant may have The applicant's credit history We also offer current employee and executive screenings.

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Having a set of predetermined screening standards will help you weed out the good renters from the bad. In this article, you will learn how to qualify prospective tenants in order to find the perfect, reliable renter to entrust with your investment. Provide all prospective tenants with a rental application form which you can easily find and access online.

A well formatted application will include important personal information on the person to help retrieve necessary background checks. Additionally, there should be room for rental history, employment history, and questions about any criminal or eviction history. Therefore, before deciding on a potential renter, do a national criminal background check and a nationwide sex offender search.

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In addition, after September 11th, you may remember terrorist were renting homes in the Florida area for nearly two years. Often prospective tenants will provide references from their former landlord. Of course no prospect is going to provide you bad references, so it is important that you contact their former landlord yourself.