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Mobile Tablet. You have to understand emotional intelligence. We recognize that emotional intelligence is one of the strongest predictors of career success. Because we work with humans, we have to be able to connect with them on a human level and understand how they work. And then you also have to be able to lead.


You have to be able to influence people to some type of goal to kind of move them in. In every job is what we would say is those five things of executing, actually completing tasks, thinking, right, strategically creating a plan, critically and creatively, communicating, connecting, and leading. And so, every job kind of comes to some percentage of those five things. So, humor can be a how across those five. And so, the purpose piece is maybe you want to use humor as a way to increase your execution, right, to execute faster.

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So, you might use humor as a way to increase your efficiency. You might decide to do a task with a friend and compete with them. Pete Mockaitis Yeah, you know, I would love it if you could share all the more of these.

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I do this when I am, I guess, proofreading. Drew Tarvin Exactly. And this is where I encourage in a lot of ways, you know, bringing things that are an outside passion in your work as well. Or maybe, yeah, if you were a kid and you always wanted to grow up to be a broadcaster, absolutely, proofread things kind of as a broadcaster. If you love doing accents for whatever reason, read it in a different accent and see what it would kind of sound like. And this is a form of humor called self-enhancing humor.

Ugh, God, this is just the worst. Yeah, let me put on a broadcaster voice to make it a little bit more fun. Or let me try to be an auctioneer and see how fast I can get through it. Or let me try some of these accents that I think are kind of fun. Or let me do it to music. And at times it is a little bit monotone.


So, these are just small things that you can do to make the process a little bit more fun. And the other beautiful thing about these as examples is that no one can stop you from doing them. And so, I wanted to understand why. No one can stop you from doing that in your car. So, it is important to understand there is a difference, say, bad humor and inappropriate humor.

Why are you discussing these lewd sexual acts? Drew Tarvin Yeah, exactly. So, a bad joke, yeah. And so, inappropriate humor is typically inappropriate for one of three reasons. Using humor is not an excuse to talk about sex or drugs or rock and roll in the workplace. It could be inappropriate because it has an inappropriate target.

So, some humor has a target that is someone else. And then the third time is that it could in an inappropriate time, right? He was always trying to have fun. If you go to, like, Flickr. That dog kind of looks like it has that expression that it is a skeptical-looking dog.

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It was just kind of one way to keep it, and make it a little bit more engaging. So, I think images can be a great way to do that. I think activities is another way to incorporate some humor in a way that everyone is included. And so, another form of humor, so we talked about self-enhancing humor. Another form of humor is affiliative humor, and this is positive-inclusive where everyone is part of the end group of that humor.

So, I think of kind of Ellen DeGeneres. Like, as a project manager, I labeled people as resources, and most workplaces label people as resources. How does that work? Can you give us a demonstration? And sometimes just observing, kind of giving an observation or sharing an observation about the room can help or the situation. Everyone, listen. We need to remember that at the end of the day, we sell soap. Pete Mockaitis Well, Drew, tell me, anything else you want to make sure to mention before we talk about some of your favorite things?

One, kind of given the audience that I know is listening, recognizing that there is a difference sometimes in how humor is received between men and women. And so, that brings me to a third style of humor.


So, we have affiliative humor, we have self-enhancing humor, there is a self-defeating humor. And self-defeating humor is where you kind of poke fun at yourself. And, two, self-defeating humor works when it is used sparingly. So, stick to typically more affiliative and self-enhancing humor is going to be a little bit more helpful for you.

Just try to think about one thing that you can do each hour of the day that brings a smile to your face or the face of someone else and that gets to a starting point, right? How can I elicit one smile? Pete Mockaitis All right. Well, now, could you share with us a favorite quote, something you find inspiring? Drew Tarvin Sure.