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Once you get this code, you'll be able to translate it and gain a better understanding of what is wrong with your vehicle. If it says it is "out of range," which is very common when a sensor malfunctions, replace the faulty sensor. Then take the steps outlined in this article to reset the check engine light. You replaced a fuse with a fuse of an incorrect value.

Troubleshooter: Ignore or reset 'Check Engine' lights at your own peril

Double check that you used the correct type of fuse per the vehicle's manual. One of the fuses you inserted is bad or quickly went bad after installation, causing one of the systems in your vehicle to stop working correctly. You replaced a bad fuse, causing a system in your vehicle that was not working previously to start working.

That system has an issue causing your vehicle to display the check engine light. This is less likely if the check engine light wasn't on before this. It's a coincidence and another system in your car started to experience an issue just after you replaced the fuse. Believe it or not, this does happen even though it is also less likely. The easiest way to narrow down the problem is to use an OBD 2 reader, such as the one I linked to in the article, to read the trouble codes from your car's computer.

You can then cross reference this code online or with the manual that comes with the reader to find out exactly which system is causing your car's check engine light to illuminate. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I want to find out what the problem might be if my vehicle check engine light turns it self on and off. I have a Ford Focus SE I just had a auto mechanic just replace the fuse for my dash. And the minute I turned the engine over. When I got it back. The check engine light came on.

I know everything checks out fine. Example: the OD I code is reset. I had the engine fixed so it can pass The smog. They even gave it a full diagnostic. The first time around. Gave it a lube and oil change. Found out it was a valve stuck open for emissions system. Can I still drive?. My mom says she going out of the country on the 18th of this month. I hv got honda accord , check engine light is on. I checked with code reader it gave me knock sensor error. I replaced the knock sensor but the check engine light is still on.

What shall i do?


My ford focus ecoboost shows the yellow engine light but just gone to a service. Ho should I reset it. It make some funny sound on the desh board don't know if it have a faulty. I have a acura tl just got out of the shop for a transmission rubuild and now check engine light is on reading a code of p I cannot pass the smog check because the secondary air injection ports are plugged with carbon deposits.

What do you recommend to do to clean the ports without bringing the car to a machine shop? That is very expensive. I turned off the check-engine light and followed your recommendations from "Tips and tricks Please help. I would start by contacting the garage or looking at your paperwork and getting make and part number of the alternator and starter they installed. Then double check that those items are compatible with your car. I have never heard of a starter causing the light but the wrong alternator sure can!

Ford Focus I tried to turn the Car on and off Three Times but the check engine light won't go away. My car is Honda Odyssey , is the method method 2 per instruction working on Honda Odyssey? If disconnect my battery and reconnect it and the engine light goes off will it pass inspection. As for step 2 above: Do you actually have to start the car for a second, then turn off for 1 second - 3 times, OR do you just turn the ignition key to the ON position for 1 second then back to the OFF position for 1 second - 3 times.?

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Thanks a lot. It is a hassle. My bmw i has a fault code reading nox sensor heating ican put it off with my disgnostic machine and drive for miles but when i stop the car and start to drive again it comes back on please help.

Hello, my A4 engine light continues to come on. My mechanic has reviewed it and ran tests on it and cannot find anything wrong with my car, even though the engine light is on.

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How To Reset Check Engine Light: Follow These 4 Easy Ways!

Any suggestions on what to do or maybe what it might be? I have a 97 audi a4 1. Thanks a lot Kate Credible suggestions. I'll try the first three and if they don't fix it, I'll take it to my auto mechanic and ask him to use his OBD code reader. What a pain in the neck it is to install a new battery in a late model car. Thanks for your advice, Kate Daily. A loose or damaged gas cap is actually a pretty common reason that a check engine light will come on. Your car's computer probably just needed a little help after you fixed the issue.

You did the right thing! Yes, as long as your check engine light stays off throughout the smog test, you should be fine. Take a look at my other article below which may be helpful to make certain your car passes smog.

Good luck! Once i did that, my check engine light is now off. I have driven the car approximately 30 miles since then and it is still off. Do you think I have fixed the problem and do you think i can now pass emmissions?

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There could only be a few reasons why the check engine light would remain. These are in order from the most likely cause to the least likely:.

Check Engine Basic Function

Possibility 1 - The problem that caused the computer's error code which is making the check engine light illuminate was not fully fixed. Even if you replaced the sensor, it may not have truly been a faulty sensor that is the issue. It may have been what that sensor is detecting i. Possibility 2 - There is an issue with the connection to the sensor. I know you checked for loose connections, but did you check the wiring from the computer to the sensor itself? Try doing this by using an ohm meter to get a reading on the resistance across just the sensor, then connect the sensor and find the same sensor wires back at the car's computer.

Test the resistance between those two wires back at the car's computer. They should be just about the same resistance.