Background check for purchasing a firearm

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You must pass a US government background check at the time of purchase. The following states California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington State and the District of Columbia require you to transfer a firearm through a local firearms retailer so an instant background check will be performed to make sure the recipient is not legally prohibited from owning the gun.

Maryland and Pennsylvania require a background check for private party transfer of a handgun. If you have any additional questions regarding the firearms purchasing process in the state of North Carolina, you can contact us here at Point Blank Range at info pointblankrange. If you want suggestions regarding how to selected the right gun, click here.

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The History of Gun Background Checks

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Do I need to register my guns? Do I need a permit? If we cannot obtain the information within the mandatory day limit, the transaction will be marked as a Conditional Proceed.

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If your previous denial was overturned, it became an approved transaction. Under existing state and federal law, TBI cannot retain any information about an approved transaction and so will not have any record about the overturn. Submission of the proper forms by the arresting agency or clerk of court will result in your record being amended by the TBI and the FBI.

Firearms Instant Check System (FICS)

Providing your social security number is optional. However, supplying it will significantly speed up processing of the transaction by eliminating false matches. Your personal information, including social security number, will not be retained by the TBI after your transaction is approved. Tennessee's Handgun Carry Permit does not meet the requirements of the federal Brady Bill because it lacks a requirement for an annual re-check of the permit holder's criminal history and it does not require a check through the National Instant Check System NICS.

Therefore, purchasers holding a valid Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit still have to have an extensive check performed when purchasing a firearm. The carry permit can be used as a primary source of identification for purchasing a firearm as long as it contains the purchaser's photograph, date of birth, and current address. All federal firearms dealers are required to make sure that the purchaser's correct and current residence address are listed on the form. Since a post office box doesn't indicate residence, it is unacceptable for address purposes.

NRA-ILA | Background Checks | NICS

If your primary identification does not show your current residence address, you must show proof of address through an acceptable secondary form of identification. You can check on the status of your appeal by contacting the Federal Firearms Dealer that ran your transaction.

Gun shop owner explains background checks

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Go to Search. Why was I denied and what can I do about it? Appeal of Denial of Attempted Firearm Transfer Form Once the appeal form is received, TBI personnel will begin a review process, attempting to obtain the information needed to determine if the denial should be overturned or upheld.

What is a "Conditional Proceed"? I previously tried to purchase a firearm and was denied. After I filed my appeal, the denial was overturned and I was allowed to get the firearm. Now I've tried to purchase another firearm and was denied again.