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Where the vehicle has undergone one or more registration plate changes, you will be advised of each previous registration plate and the date it was applied to the vehicle. As with plate changes, most colour changes of a vehicle will be for the purposes of personalisation. If the vehicle has had a colour change recorded, you will be advised of the original colour, the number of previous changes recorded and the current colour. We can tell you how many previous keepers the vehicle has had and the dates of change of ownership.

For example 0 previous keepers means that it is still registered to its original keeper and you will be number two, four previous keepers means that the present keeper is the fifth and you will be number six. Look out for several changes in quick succession, it could mean that the vehicle is problematical, or it could be due to the type of vehicle. However the names and addresses of the last two keepers are shown on the V5C, the Vehicle Registration Certificate. You can contact those keepers to ask about the vehicle.

Please note that the keeper is not necessarily the owner, it may be a company vehicle or belong to a third party. The mileage record is gathered from various sources. It is presented in date order and shows mileage, date and source.

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You should check the mileage readings and dates with MOT certificates and service records to satisfy yourself that the sequence of mileages is acceptable. Our records flag up any mileage discrepancies. A discrepancy indicates that the vehicle may have been 'clocked', and that at some point the odometer has been tampered with to display a lower figure than the actual mileage. If necessary contact the previous keepers of the vehicle shown on the V5C.

This information is not validated and therefore some data may not be complete or accurate. Please note that a small proportion of imported vehicles may have readings in kilometers rather than miles. If a vehicle is recorded as being imported, we cannot provide information for the period that it was out of the country. Therefore you should try to obtain as much information about the vehicle's history as possible. You should also check the vehicle documents carefully. Please note that a vehicle purchased in another country in the European Union and brought into the UK, whether as a new or used vehicle, is not classified as an Imported Vehicle, to reflect the single European Market.

Always check with a franchised dealer if you are unsure of the origin of the vehicle or if you believe it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If a vehicle is recorded as being exported we cannot provide information on the period that it was out of the country. Only proceed if there is a current V5C, dated after the date of export shown in the Vehicle Check report.

A vehicle is not always registered with the DVLA when it is new. It may have been used in another European country, or on a private estate in the UK. All rights reserved. About buying a vehicle.

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About your Vehicle Check Report. Written Off Information. The Seller Always find out exactly who you are buying the vehicle from. Dealer Visit them to ensure they have commercial premises and are not selling from a public car park. Private Sales Visit the address recorded on the V5C document and ask to see proof of identity, such as a passport or recent utility bill, to ensure the seller is the keeper.

How to Avoid Fraud Follow these simple rules and you will minimise the risk factor involved when buying a used vehicle. The basic rules to follow are: Visit the seller - don't let them bring the vehicle to you and don't meet them halfway Check their identity Vehicle Check the vehicle Don't buy a 'bargain' - it may not be all it seems Get an independent mechanical inspection.

The Vehicle You must question the reason for a vehicle being sold below the current market value. Vehicle Check cannot tell you: If the vehicle has been damaged, unless written off by an insurance company. If it is a clone the data supplied will be for a different, but identical, vehicle. If it was originally purchased in another EU country, not the UK. If it is roadworthy.

Paying for the vehicle A cash sale is not traceable; always try to pay by electronic bank transfer, cheque or bankers draft. Warranty If you believe the vehicle is covered by a manufacturer's warranty it is advisable to contact a franchised dealer or the manufacturer to check the validity of the warranty. Self or Third Party Insured Vehicles Although Vehicle Check is as comprehensive as is currently possible, it may not reveal that the vehicle has been declared a write-off IF the owner was self-insured or third-party insured or if the vehicle was not covered by its insurance policy at the time of the incident and the Vehicle Check Data Guarantee will not cover this risk.

Vehicle Identification Number VIN A VIN or chassis number as it is sometimes known, is a unique identification number for every vehicle manufactured, consisting of a combination of 17 letters and numbers. Be sure to check the registration card for the actual day of expiration. If you do not receive a billing notice approximately 60 days before your vehicle's registration expires, please call to find out what your fees are. Use the following information to determine how renewal penalties are calculated.

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Penalty fees are assessed in addition to any other fees due. Fees due prior to January 1, , are assessed penalties using the following information:. If your vehicle's registration requires a smog certification, be certain to pay all applicable renewal fees on or before the current expiration date, even if you have not obtained the smog certification.

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Late registration fees are subject to penalties. If you paid your renewal fees prior to acquiring the smog certification, and you have not received your registration card or sticker, you should call your local DMV or between the hours of 8 a. They will check your vehicle record and inform you of the status. On late applications for original registration with a "fee due date" or "date of first operation" of January 1, , or later, penalties will be calculated as follows: Registration Fee Penalty for Original Applications.

You must apply for a duplicate registration card if the original has been lost, stolen, or mutilated.

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To obtain a duplicate registration card:. You may submit the completed application and payment of the fee s by mail to the following address. You may also submit the completed application and payment of the fee s in person to your local field office. For faster service, make an Appointment s online, or by calling 1- before you visit a DMV office. You must replace your license plates immediately after your plate s has been lost, stolen, mutilated, or become illegible. To obtain regular series plates:.

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You may also submit the completed application and payment of the fees in person to your local field office. For faster service, make an appointment s online, or by calling 1- before you visit a DMV office. If the year sticker for your currently registered vehicle has been lost, stolen, mutilated, or is illegible, you must request a replacement sticker and pay a substitute fee. To obtain a substitute year sticker:. You may obtain a replacement month sticker at no cost by calling DMV at 1——— or from your local DMV ; for faster service, make an appointment s online.

If you have paid your renewal fees but your check has not cleared do not place a stop payment on your check. If the department is processing your transaction your check will become dishonored. The penalties assessed from a dishonored check can be costly. If you mail a new payment, renew over the Internet, or in a field office and your first check clears at a later date, the department will automatically issue a refund. You must have an automobile, truck, trailer or motorcycle to order a plate.

This is necessary to assign the new plates to a vehicle record and issue a new registration card and year sticker. Motorcycle plates are not yet available for all special interest plate programs. Special Interest License Plates have a special graphic design depicting an image relative to the organization's interest. They are available with configurations of numbers, letters, or both, which have been personally chosen by the applicant personalized or are standard issue configurations sequential.

In addition, Kids plates may contain one hand, heart, plus sign, or star symbol. Environmental License Plates are the standard California plates, which do not have graphics, and are only available with personalized configurations. View available plates. You will need the information from your registration card to order online or to fill out the Special Interest License Plate Application. Special Interest License Plates require extra fees that are used to support programs pertinent to each organization's interest.

Click here for more information regarding these programs. Personalized plates will be available about 10—12 weeks after they are ordered online or the completed Special Interest License Plate Application is received by DMV. You will receive up to three notifications approximately 30—days apart from the office you selected when you ordered the plate.