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Final Fantasy XI

I want to make a special note that I have not had an opportunity to test the bit instructions. Begin by installing PlayOnline. If this is not the case, you will need to change the keys. If you need to change the directory, please notice that there needs to be two forward slashes between each folder, e. Copy the following and put it into a file with a REG extension.

Lost ID - FFXI

For example, name it FFXIfix. Double click the file to merge the values with the registry.

If you use any registry hacks to improve the background resolution, etc. Copy the contents of the file below and save it to the.. Name it something like FFXIregfix. Note that the folder is surrounded by quotation marks, this is very important. The command prompt should now show the full path to the SquareEnix folder.

At this point, type in the file name for the CMD file you saved here earlier, e. Test your installation by running FFXI. Double check to make sure you ran the file in the correct folder and using an elevated command prompt. Double check your work. If this is successful, you will get a very odd error screen. Thank you! I was about to cry. I am a FFXI player. Previously, I was using Windows XP. Then I installed the rest of my 4 CDs. So, not sure what to do now, I decided to tried what you advised above.

Using the instructions for 64 bit Windows 7, I created a. REG file copying what you posted above, and then I double clicked to merge the values into my registry. I also created a. CMD file copying what you posted above.

Character Reactivation Service/Q&A

Then using your instruction above, I used elevated command prompt and I run the. CMD file which is saved inside the SquareEnix folder. How are you running it? I run with UAC enabled and — for some reason — Windows is picky about running batch files as the Administrative user.

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Took a long time, but it worked. I had then gotten a new computer with better graphics recently and decided to come back to playing it. One-time passwords are very effective against spyware such as key loggers in that they are only valid for a set period of time and become invalid after they have been used once. The following procedures are necessary for using a Square Enix account in PlayOnline. If you have a valid e-mail address, select "Don't have a Square Enix account? Completing the Security Token Usage Settings process will activate the token you've purchased.

After logging in to the Square Enix Account Management System, select Security Expansion from the left menu, select Security Token Usage Settings, and follow the onscreen instructions to register your token.

Square Enix Account Transfer Information Page(7/27/2011)

Select a member, verify that the entered information is correct, and select "log in. Enter the Square Enix password. If you have selected "Use" for your one-time password, you will need to enter the one-time password displayed on your security token. If you set up a security token for the Square Enix account, you will be able to use it for all of the PlayOnline IDs linked to that account.

Can I stop using my security token if I don't want to use it anymore? You can remove your Square Enix security token from an account using the Square Enix Account Management System, but once you have done so, you will never be able to use it again. Characters from PlayOnline IDs that are linked to a Square Enix account will not be able to acquire a Mog Satchel after the security token has been removed. Existing Mog Satchels will not be affected.