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Next, the legislation will go to the Senate. This article will be updated accordingly.

Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of Michigan lawmakers proposed a legislative package aiming to reform criminal record expungement. Expungement advocates express that it will extend opportunities, remove employment barriers, and strengthen communities.

Time Limits and Allowances

The new bill would allow for up to 3 felony records and any number of misdemeanors to be expunged. Assaultive convictions may be set aside up to two felonies and four misdemeanors. Certain convictions, like murder or criminal sexual conduct, are not eligible to be expunged convictions. Presently, Michigan law does not allow for the expungement of traffic offenses. One of the bills would allow for expungement of low-level traffic offenses. Driving under the influence and traffic crimes causing injury or death would not be eligible.

Misdemeanor and Felony Expungement Opportunities Introduced in New Bill

Residents may be eligible for automatic expungement after restitution and their justice system monitoring has ended. The benefits of getting a conviction expunged are tremendous it means not having to worry about what your potential employer may find or what a background check may reveal. Getting an expungement isn't easy though Michigan law sets forth specific guidelines that must be followed.

Consulting with an experienced Michigan expungement attorney who understands the complex expungement process and legal requirements is essential to winning back your second chance. Many rules govern who is entitled to an expungement and under what circumstances.


If you have questions about whether you may be able to get a conviction set aside in your particular case then you must consult with a knowledgeable Michigan expungement lawyer about your situation. Until recently, Michigan expungement law MCL If you have been convicted of both drug possession and possession with intent to deliver you have two convictions. Recently, Michigan expungement law has been changed to allow persons with two misdemeanor convictions to be eligible for expungement.

Additionally, persons with one felony and two misdemeanors on their record are eligible to have their felony expunged. Further, before you can file a petition to set aside your verdict, you must wait five years from the time of sentencing, or five years after serving any prison term for that conviction, completion of probation or discharge from parole whichever occurs later.

Michigan Expungement Law - Michigan Criminal Record Defense Attorneys

Certain sex crimes such as criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, criminal sexual conduct in the second degree, criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. MCL Once you have registered, click on "Search for Criminal History". You will be asked how many searches you wish to perform. You will then be prompted for credit card information.

Once your credit card transaction has been approved, you will be sent to the search information page. You are also allowed up to three variations on a name. Once you click on the submit button, the search should be completed in less than a minute.

You will still be on the search screen. Scroll down and you will be given the option of doing more searches or viewing the responses. When you view the response, click on the person's last name. You will either be told that the person has no record or you will be shown the person's conviction record.

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The proper form for adults is the MC and for juveniles is the JC Complete personal information on the card. A suppression of records is a record made nonpublic by court order fingerprints are not returned. If the judicial segment of your criminal history record is in error, obtain a copy of the correct court disposition from the court and attach it to the record print out for mailing. If you would like to correct information posted on the FBI record, you must contact the agency that furnished the information to the FBI. This includes all arrests by federal agencies, even those in Michigan.

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