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Bauknight, Julie, July 6, , certified year end audit report for district attorneys of Jackson, Refugio, and Victoria counties, , Beech, Sue, July 15, , grant applications and grants for grant funding for Tarrant County Courts, July Bess, Herlen E. Blakeslee, Nate, August 28, , list of Governor Bush's appointments, including name and towns, August-September Blount, William, September 17, l, documentation concerning solicitation and or funding of grant referenced as course agenda by the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, Blount, William, August 18, , summaries or reports, correspondence Blount, William, July 31, , documents concerning criminal justice training grants:.

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Internal memos and correspondence with requester and Attorney General, Bradshaw, Patrice A. Brown, Mark, February 19, and June 16, , pleadings and briefs filed on behalf of the Governor with federal district court in Texarkana re: state's lawsuit against tobacco companies, March, June Bodisch, Criminal Justice Division. Correspondence with requester, internal memos, and OR for reference , Christie, Rebecca, November 13, , correspondence with 19 individuals, Crabb, Susan C.

DiTucci, Frank, November 16, , resignation letters of Mr. William Quimby and Mr. Douglas, Jr. Internal memos and correspondence with requester, December Research--reports with cover letters forwarded from Criminal Justice Division to General Counsel , Elder, Jr. Fenoglio, Stephen, January 20, and July 6, , Graves, Pat, November 9, , correspondence with Governor's Office for 20 individuals, Graves, Pat, October 19, , correspondence with the Governor's Office related to the case of the late Karla Fay Tucker, specifically letters from Amnesty International and other certain individuals, January-February, October-November Williamson and James Lee Burke.

Haire, Jim, June 17, , correspondence Correspondence with requester and internal memos with attached speeches, press release, and executive order, Harrison, Debra A. Henry, Brendan, December 29, , list of names of people who recommended Judge Jan Bland for District Court [empty folder removed].

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Correspondence, resolutions, clippings re: Texas-Maine-Vermont Compact, Correspondence and resolutions re: Texas-Maine-Vermont Compact, Correspondence, resolutions, and clippings re: Texas-Maine-Vermont Compact, Internal memos and correspondence with requester and Attorney General, [2 folders]. Correspondence with requester and internal memos, November-December Jordan, Sam, December 10, , percentage of communications with our office that appealed for clemency or execution for Joseph Stanley Faulder, December Kouba, Keith, October 1, , all written correspondence, committee hearing recordings and records of application, nomination and confirmation of Theodora Teddy V.

Congress concerning nuclear waste disposal site and the Texas-Maine-Vermont compact. Lawrence, Guy H. Chambers, July Correspondence with requester and internal memos, April-May Correspondence with Attorney General re: withdrawal of decision request, Correspondence with requester and Attorney General including decision request and internal memos, Presentation materials, appointment application for Timothy Roth, correspondence, Correspondence and appointment application file for Catherine Woodruff, Written communications from Harold Slemmons as councilman or mayor to your office that reference myself or the Lone Oak Police Department, , Copy of written request from mayor of city of Lone Oak Texas requesting the Governor's Office conduct a monitoring visit, , McCarthy, Osler, November 10, , questionnaires and other applications materials for Governor Bush's replacement selection for retiring Justice Raul Gonzales along with procedures, November MacCormack, John, December 2, , audited reports on assets from criminal forfeitures filed annually from Refugio, Harris and Bexar counties, to present:.

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